Blue Flower

It's our Travel Blog, here we share the passion we have in our favorite destinations. We have an honest writing about the options that a destination has, more than only provide commercial options, it's about the experience itself.

What can you expect from our Travel Blog?

Our blog is hosted in server, but this doesn't conditions any commercial porpuse in our content. You can expect here all the tips and ways to explore a destination. We whisper you all the locals secrets from each destinations, those unique and authentic experiences.

In this site, the content is created on the go, while we live and we travel. If you want to share your experiences too, just write us and we will be happy to colaborate.

Why we focus on Mexico and Perú mostly?

Our writers live in Cancun, Mexico, and we work in the industry. We share our local knowledge but our professional expertise as travel advisors as well. We are passionate about Mexico and Perú where we had the most stunning experiences. And as well you may probably find a little about Alaska, because we love nature.

Could you help us with our holidays?

Yes, we can do so, if you have read our articles and you still have questions, maybe your question is the title of our next article!


Do you have social media channels?

Yes we do! Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


Welcome and happy reading!